2025 E/M Documentation Quick Reference Card Set (10 pack)

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Avoid E/M coding guesswork and gain the confidence you need to code accurately and efficiently with DecisionHealth's 2025 E/M Documentation Quick Reference Card Set.

Available November 2024

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ISBN 978-1-963512-07-6

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2025 E/M Documentation Quick Reference Card Set (10 pack)

2025 E/M Documentation Quick Reference Card Set (10 pack)

Provider uncertainty surrounding the proper selection of E/M service codes is the most common cause of up coding and down coding—exposing physicians and the practice/facility to greater audit risk and OIG scrutiny. 

No longer will you use history and exam to determine code level selection, and these cards reflect the focus on medical decision-making and time.

Features include: 

  • The cards contain the most up-to-date guidance on MDM elements and times per service. The updated cards provide a quick-glance guide to coding by MDM or time.

  • Rules for documentation complexity levels—spelled out clearly on each compliance-ready card for easy reference by physician coders, office coders and auditors alike.

  • 10 portable, pocket-sized and laminated cards—perfect for everyday use. 

  • Buy one set for easy distribution to all clinicians doing their own E/M coding in a small or mid-sized practice, or more than one set to have a card for every provider in your practice!