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The Joint Commission and Other Accreditors

The JCAHO is one of the preeminent organizations in health care quality, of which credentialing and privileging are important elements. One must be familiar with the JCAHO's standards and policies to fully understand and be effective in the credentialing and privileging of healthcare professionals.

An important point: We do not represent the JCAHO or any other accreditor. Statements such as "the JCAHO requires" are based on careful readings of the JCAHO standards, exposure to the JCAHO's surveyor training, and frequent observation of the JCAHO survey teams at work. We attempt to provide users with the best predictions and interpretations of current JCAHO requirements, but caution users that advice given is general, and users should consult professional counsel for specific instruction.

Federal and state law can differ from those of the JCAHO or other accrediting organizations. These requirements can be stated in licensing laws or regulations or in a contract or contract-like document (e.g., Medicare Conditions of Participation).

DecisionHealth is also not affiliated in any way with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, which owns the ACGME trademark.

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