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SelectCoder, now with 60 months of searchable historical content, is the premier coding solution that seamlessly combines inpatient and outpatient content into a single, consistent system for simpler, faster code validation and claim evaluation.

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Boost efficiency and accuracy 2.5 times faster with this comprehensive coding solution.

SelectCoder, now with 60 months of searchable historical content, is the premier coding solution that seamlessly combines inpatient and outpatient content into a single, consistent system for simpler, faster code validation and claim evaluation. Unique in its design, your team will fall in love with a tool formatted to complement your workflow. Search the most current CPT®, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, HCPCS, UB04, APC, DRG, and modifiers by key terms or abbreviations. Or search all historical coding content enforceable as of a claim’s date that you can enter into the system! SelectCoder does the rest with simplicity and finesse. Click to View Product Video.

Whether your setting does medical practice coding, facility coding, or you work claims for a payer organization, there is a SelectCoder version for you. Click to view access levels.

Re-order SelectCoder’s features and benefits:

  • Unique, easy-to-use layout:
    Get to the right answer faster with at-a-glance decision making information displayed in a single code detail page. Unlike competitors where information is buried under constant clicking, SelectCoder saves time and effort delivering information in fewer clicks and less pages. We dare you to compare! Click to view a screen shot.
  • LCD and NCD Policies:
    Verify medical necessity faster in a quick code list of the most current Part A and Part B (including DME) coverage rules and policies. Save time with extracted diagnosis and direct links to the CMS site for additional detail.
  • CCI Bundling Validator:
    Simple bundling and validation tool that does the work for you! Enter up to 40 combinations of CPT and HCPCS codes. In a single click receive clear bundling instructions, restrictions, and opportunities on how to apply modifiers to earn money on both codes, all in less than two seconds.
  • Date of Service Search Tool:
    Access 60 months of historical content based on the exact date of service. View active codes, current guidelines, policies, and more.
  • Article Search: Support coding decisions, enhance knowledge, and clarify complicated coding scenarios with advanced search of CPT® Assistant, AHA Coding Clinics, and DecisionHealth propriety Pink Sheet content by keyword or phrase.
  • Code change tracking by year: View past versions of code sets to see new, revised, and deleted codes at-a-glance. No more saving spreadsheets or searching CMS!
  • Code Crosslinks:
    Determine the connection between procedures, diagnosis and supplies with crosslinks for all code sets. Never leave money on the table with a clear view of code relationships, including CPT to revenue code crosslinks and ICD-10 to DRG crosslinks.
  • Searchable DRG Groupings:
    Put your DRG books away and stop manually searing hundreds of CMS PDF pages with this one-of-a-kind function. Search all the elements of a DRG (CC, MCC, Operating room procedures and more) to help your coders qualify if the code they've been given belongs in a DRG.
  • CC/MCC Code Exclusions:
    ICD-10-CM code combination errors that put your DRG compensation in jeopardy are displayed in a convenient list. See your complication status front and center to optimize facility dollars.
  • Documentation Finder™:
    Pinpoint key pieces of documentation for accurate reimbursement and accurate quality reporting! A vital feature in this CDI-focused era of health care! Identify essential medical record information including synonyms and supporting tests essential to justify medical necessity, plus the target words auditors seek keeping you complaint and safe.
  • Claims Editor:
    Check code combinations for CCI conflict, Medical Necessity, and receive additional modifier guidance by using SelectCoder’s Claims Editor.
  • Medical Necessity Validation Tool:
    Enter up to 40 combinations of CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM codes for instant, clear NCD and LCD coverage and billing rules.
  • SelectCode Builder:
    Gain a better understanding of code structure with our step by step code building tool. Select elements from each section of the code and SelectCode Builder will fill in the code letters/numbers right before your eyes! A great tool for new or experienced coders.

Further enhance your experience with these valuable add-ons:

  • AHA Coding Clinic for ICD-10 and HCPCS – Official AHA-written articles, guidelines and rules help coders clarify and interpret ICD-10, as well as HCPCS, codes and policies. Integrated guidance accessed by them at the code level. Single price for as many users as you need!
  • ASA CrossWalks – Ensure coding accuracy and obtain proper payment with ASA Crosswalk. Link directly to the anesthesia code that most specifically describes the anesthesia service for a particular diagnostic or therapeutic CPT procedure code.
  • DecisionHealth Pink Sheets – Access specialty-specific news and guidance as you code with DecisionHealth's Pink Sheet content:
      • Orthopedic Coder's Pink Sheet
      • Cardiology Coder's Pink Sheet
      • Anesthesia & Pain Coder's Pink Sheet
      • Medical Practice Coding Pro
  • CPT® Assistant – From the American Medical Association, gain unlimited access to every article written since 1990 indexed directly at the code level. New articles, approved by the CPT® Editorial Panel, are added quarterly with the release of each new issue.

Backed by DecisionHealth's 30 years of proven best practice coding advice across more than a dozen specialties, SelectCoder bridges the gaps in a way no other online coding application ever has when publicly available rules leave questions unanswered.

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