2024 Plain English Descriptions for Procedures

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Gain procedure coding clarity to enhance efficiency and improve accuracy with the 2024 Plain English Descriptions for Procedures.

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ISBN 978-1-64535-242-6
Pages 760
Publication Date Nov 27, 2023

Price: $146.95

2024 Plain English Descriptions for Procedures

2024 Plain English Descriptions for Procedures

Carefully written, detailed explanations of diseases and medical conditions, as well as descriptions for more than 8,000 CPT® codes, make it easier to decipher once-baffling information. With the 2024 Plain English Descriptions for Procedures, coders, clinicians, payers and other health care professionals will greatly increase medical necessity decision-making in support of CPT procedures and find it easier to connect medical record documentation to the correct reason for the service.

Features include:

  • UPDATED! Plain English Descriptions for more than 8,000 CPT® codes—increase coding accuracy with the clarification you need to choose the correct code, every time.

  • UPDATED! Complete AMA CPT® code descriptions—no need to refer back to a second resource for the official descriptions.

  • Detailed, full-page anatomy illustrations—better interpret clinical notes to code with greater specificity.

  • E/M coding guidelines—master proper documentation and proper assignment of evaluation and management codes.

  • Easy look-up of medical prefixes/suffixes—better understand terms used in the medical record.

  • Eponyms, acronyms, and common abbreviations—quickly decipher clinical notes with these critical elements contained within each plain English description.