Win contract negotiations, set competitive charges and create custom fee schedules in minutes!

FeeCalc is a user-friendly, web-based tool that’s always updated with the latest Medicare fees and commercial charge data customized to every location where your practice operates. You’ll create Excel and PDF-readable custom fee schedules for your specific localities, with fees based on Medicare or carved out separately, in minutes. Plus, get the best contract possible
by knowing the exact going rates for every CPT® and HCPCS code in your ZIP area.

  • Know the Medicare allowable amounts for physician services, clinical labs, durable medical equipment, and ASP drugs.
  • Successfully negotiate payer contracts, armed with real-time charge data for every code, in your specific ZIP area.
  • Calculate and store precise payments for your services with the ability to adjust conversion factors and apply percent-of-Medicare values to fees
  • Save time by uploading entire custom fee schedules to benchmark your charges against your peers.
  • Always have the latest Medicare fee schedules, plus instant access to an archive of older fee years for payers still using older RVUs.

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