2018 ICD-10-PCS Compact Coder for Root Operations

Product Code: DHMPLCCROO18

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The ICD-10-PCS Compact Coder for Root Operations is a reference tool that will keep the root operation definitions readily available as you master the ICD-10-PCS coding system.
ISBN 978-1-68308-553-9
Publication Date Aug 29, 2017

Price: $39.95

2018 ICD-10-PCS Compact Coder for Root Operations

ICD-10-PCS is a unique classification system that presents challenges for coding professionals. Assigning the correct ICD-10-PCS code is dependent on understanding the root operation definitions contained in the Medical and Surgical Operations Table in ICD-10-PCS. Without that understanding, your claims could contain errors causing denials and payment delays.

Gain a clear understanding of these root definitions and descriptions to identify the correct root operation for medical and surgical procedures with DecisionHealth’s ICD-10-PCS Compact Coder for Root Operations. This easy-to-navigate, go-to reference tool delivers an alphabetized table of root operations, root operation definitions, explanations, and examples for each root operation to help you translate directly to the different components of procedures. No more flipping to an appendix at the back of the ICD-10-PCS book or scrolling down to the table in the PDF version to identify the root operation! Plus, its durable, laminated design will withstand even the harshest daily use no matter how many coders are in your office. Order this handy tool today!

Features include:

  • 31 Root Operations—with the definition, explanation and includes/examples noted beside each root operation

  • Organized alphabetically—making code look-up easier.

  • Operations are clearly indicated by type of procedures—including action, target and clarification.

  • Durable, double-sided, and won't bend—incredibly user-friendly for specialty coding

  • Fits in the ICD-10-CM book—get one for every office and/or specialty

Size: 8.5 x 11, flat, two-sided UV-coated sheet 

Published: 08/29/2017