2018 Procedural Coding Expert

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Go beyond typical codes and descriptions to make your CPT® coding as accurate as possible. This book contains everything you need to code and will become your daily go-to resource.
ISBN 978-1-68308-523-2
Publication Date Dec 27, 2017

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2018 Procedural Coding Expert

2018 Procedural Coding Expert

Designed for today’s busy physician practice, hospital and ambulatory surgery center coder to help you quickly and accurately locate and report procedure codes.
DecisionHealth goes beyond basic CPT® coding with the 2018 Procedural Coding Expert, delivering the entire CPT® code set from AMA, along with expert coding advice, illustrations to reinforce medical necessity and RVUs and global/follow-up days (facility and non-facility) so you can accurately attach them to a corresponding code.

Coding without an understanding of how to properly use codes on a claim will result in avoidable denials and claims processing delays. This annotated coding manual has everything you need on a daily basis for proper coding and clean claims.

You should only need one book to stay on top of the most current procedural coding details and updates – this is the one. Order today!

Robust book features include:

  • UPDATED! New and revised CPT® Codes—in numeric sequence, with icons to indicate additions, changes and deletions

  • EXCLUSIVE! Documentation finder—highlights synonyms and/or supporting chart references essential to bridging clinical and coding nomenclature and defending medical necessity

  • UPDATED! Curated index—organized with input and guidance from experienced coding and billing professionals 

  • UPDATED! Deleted codes crosswalk—to review deletions and refer to valid replacements

  • UPDATED! National Coverage Determination (NCD) policy citations at the code level—ensure compliance with Medicare coverage policy for certain CPT procedures and professional services

  • UPDATED! AMA CPT Assistant citations— offer critical guidance for CPT codes

  • UPDATED! Facility and Non-Facility Relative Value Units (RVUs)—with breakdowns included for technical component (TC) and professional component (PC) codes when applicable

  • UPDATED! Global Days and MUE Billing Restrictions—check Medicare global follow up days and frequency edits for each code

  • UPDATED! APC and ASC Payment Icons—identify 23 specific Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) payment statuses and 18 ASC groupings

  • UPDATED! Medicare reimbursement icons—Modifiers 51, 50, 80 & 62 indications for coverage rules and patient responsibility for drugs and services not reimbursed by Medicare, plus icons warning of carrier or special policy cover instructions

  • UPDATED! Medicare Pub 100 information— with associated code Medicare coverage guidance and an Appendix of full descriptions

  • Age, sex and maternity edit icons—indicate code restrictions at a glance, based on patient information

  • Coding Guidance and Coding Tips—simplify code selection with added clarification

  • More than 650 high-quality illustrations— integrated throughout and including a chapter of full-page, full-color anatomical representations

  • Robust introduction—loaded with essential information such as CPT coding fundamentals; modifiers, common medical abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes and roots; a coding terms glossary; an explanation of icons and data elements; and multiple summary tables including code additions, deletions and revisions

Published: 12/27/17

ISBN: 978-1-68308-523-2
Page Count: 976